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Adolescent, Youth and School health in I.R.IRAN

The population of age groups of 6-25 was declared by Ministry of Education of Iran in as below:

Age distribution:

•           About 13 millions of these age groups are school students, (Nearly 6 millions of them are in the primary schools, nearly 4 millions of them are in the secondary schools and 3 millions of them are in the high schools.)

•           About 3-4 millions of these age groups are university students.


History of school health

Parliament of Iranian and European physicians was established for general health promotion in 1921.

Organization of school health was established in 1304.

Almost 5000 school health workers were educated and trained for assessment students’ health conditions before Iran Islamic revolution.

After the revolution the mentioned trained group was detached from Ministry of Education and joined the Ministry of Health.

Up to now, no more school health workers was trained and educated so there is not enough hygienists for all schools over the country.  

Today “Adolescent, Youth and School Health” is a part of Family Health department.

Main activities:

•           Student health screening program:

School students were screened at the entrance of primary, secondary and high schools about their vision, hearing, skin and hair, BMI and behavioural disorders by BEHVARZES in the health houses in rural areas and health technicians in health centers in urban areas annually.

Adolescent and Youth Health Service Package:

After integration of this program in the network system all of the screened school students are examined by the physicians in 1389.

•           High risk behavioral surveillance system:

This program was started since 2004 and three surveys were done about 7 behavioural risk factors including injury, violence, inappropriate nutrition, insufficient physical activity, poor general health, dissatisfaction and drug abuse...Up to now.

•           Health Promoting School program:

This program was started with new approach in 700 schools in urban and rural areas. The program will be developed in 12500 schools by the end of 2011 and will be expanded to all 120000 schools in our country schools by the end of 5th social, culture and political developing program.

•           Reproductive health and holistic adolescent and youth health document:

The early stages of designing of this program are doing by experts.

•           Health screening for University students:

This program was started since 2009. First student’s health passport and an online electronic record program was designed. Most of university entrance students were screened in 2010.

•           Integration of health in school and school trainer curriculum:

This main activities was started since 2 years ago and the related opinions and documents for finalizing the material are gathering from all stakeholders.

•           Self Care program:

The early stages  of this program was issued and the next steps will be designed by the end of 2012.

We hope to develop the mentioned program more sufficiently in the future.