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Duty List of Pharmaceutical Affairs Unit of the Health Deputy

Pharmaceutical Affairs Unit is one of the office-based units of the Health Deputy of University of Medical Sciences. This unit undertakes the duty of favorable and appropriate provision of pharmaceutical services in all health centers and all subsidiaries dependent on the Health Deputy. The respective activities incorporate policymaking in supplying of pharmaceutical services as well as provision, preparation, distribution of drugs, and supervision. Following commencement of “Family Physician Program”, large deal of pharmaceutical activities in the health centers has been formed within the framework of the respective program. Provision of drugs for Family Physician Program and all the issues associated with medications in the same program are managed by the respective unit.


Main headlines of the activities of the unit include

  • Estimation, provision, and distribution of the drugs needed in the activity scope of Health Deputy
  • Training and reinstruction of pharmaceutical personnel in network system and codification of texts and agenda for the instructional programs
  • Preservation, maintaining, and improvement of pharmaceutical storage standard
  • Signing contracts with pharmacies, checking and dealing with the prescriptions, and finally, defrayment of their liabilities
  • Supervision on performance of pharmacies in other cities and the process of pharmaceutical affairs program
  • Preparation, codification, and implementation of research projects in order to improve service provision methods
  • Holding sessions and participation in intra and inter-sector forums and the activities related to the health area
  • Provision, preparation, and management of medicine in Family Physician Program
  • Establishment of relationship and interaction with Food and Medication Deputy in the relevant tasks
  • Assessment of pharmaceutical requirements based on province’s epidemiological status
  • Provision, preparation, and distribution of medicines in accordance with medical protocols in the target groups and based on the available instructions
  • Participation and collaboration in academic/educational planning of different medicine and paramedics groups
  • Supervision on pharmaceutical performance of health and medical networks of the province
  • Participation in scientific analysis of doctors’ prescriptions and involvement in codification of models and directives for logical administration of drugs
  • Investigation of drug purchase condition in the health networks and status of the allocated credits and supervision on their performances
  • Analysis of drug prescription status in Family Physician Program
  • Participation in codification of pharmaceutical lists of Family Physician Program and its modifications