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Non communicable disease

Human is caught in the loop of non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension & cancer.

People in modern societies, are enclosed among the consequences of population growth, such as air pollution, traffic congestion and road accidents, increased use of pesticides, environmental stress, dust and thousands of harmful and dangerous factors.

Task and mission of non-communicable diseases unit is promotion of healthy eating and fruit and vegetable consumption, Quit Smoking, development of sport and physical activity, screening of non-communicable diseases according to the Protocols of world health organization (WHO).

This is impossible without the assistance and cooperation of all segments of society in order to reduce hazardous and harmful factors, to have a safe and healthy environment.


1- Diabetes

2-  Cancer

3- Prevention of cardiovascular diseases :

       §  Hypertension

       §  CHD (coronary heart diseases)

       §  Cardiovascular diseases


4-  Genetics :

       §  Thalassemia

       §  Sickle cell anemia

       §  Neonatal Screening :

                             1)   Congenital Hypothyroid

                             2)   Phenylketonuria

                             3)   Favism

                             4)   galactosemya

5- safe community