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HSR-Health system research

Iran is considered to be one of the oldest nations where civilization was formed and is more than 9000 years old.

It is located in central Asia between Turkey & western countries. People with different cultures live in Iran and have equal rights. Iran’s population is one of the youngest in the world.

Villages are one of the most important pillars of Iranian society and have a very important role in the economy, agriculture, and all cultural activities.

Development of Health houses in Iran

One of the most important aims of health policy makers is managing health problems in remote areas.

To achieve this goal, several programs were developed & used by the ministry of health from many years ago. The project of health houses was one of the most successful ones which improved health in rural areas.

Health House

A Health House is a unit located in a village and provides people with different health care activities. It also supports some other smaller local villages called ‘satellite village’.

Health workers in Health Houses are usually selected from male and female native villagers, named Behvarz

Being native enables them to keep a tight relationship with people. This is one of the most important reasons why Health House program is successful in Iran.

There are 7 Behvarz duties that should be always attached to the wall in Health Houses including:

     Village map

      Village scheme

      Vital horoscope

     Breastfeeding advertizing poster

      The name of each Behvarz

      Refrigerator temperature form

      Principles & components  of PHC


Activities which have been done to collect demographic information include:

         Numbering houses and families,

          Recording the annual census of population in the family health file,

         Completing the Annual Family Visit’s form,

         Entering vital data in the vital horoscope,

Family health file is composed of information in several forms in which the health data of each family is recorded. After the completion and correction of family data it should be transferred to the vital horoscope table.

Vital horoscope table is a 50*70 cm sheet of cardboard for showing birth and death rates, family planning, under coverage population, etc. This sheet should be attached to wall for one year and at the beginning of each year it will be renewed.

Other activities include:

        Under 8 year old child care,

         Healthy  child care,

         Maternal care,

         Pre-marriage counseling,

        Family planning services,

         Oral health

        Healthy diet and nutrition,


          Communicable and Non-communicable disease care,

         School health,

          Environmental and occupational activities,

         Elderly health care