Sums Ac Ir


Darvaze Ghoran


Health system

Health system

Vice-chancellor for Health


- Recognizing and classifying the regional health problems as well as their technical and  administrative      problems
- Recognizing and surveying the epidemiology of endemics and epidemics and preparing the required reports
- Preparing and circulating the administrative instructions for the implementation of national health services programs  
- Preparing appropriate health programs for health problems in accordance with local circumstances and combating endemics and epidemics. 
- Planning the expansion and modification of health units in accordance with change in population distribution and facilitating the society's access to health services
- Participating in planning and implementing the community oriented medicine education in the units
- Preparing and implementing applied research on regional health fields
- Preparing and circulating the programs, instructions and approaches concerning sanitary tests (medical diagnosis of epidemics, water and sewage systems, occupational health)
- Performing sanitary tests to control the associated labs and the lab diagnosis based on the national health and treatment instructions
- Collecting and surveying the reports on the activities of associated health centers, announcing the results and preparing reports for authorities

Affiliated Units:

1. Resource management unit
2. Province health education unit
3. Family health unit
4. School health unit
5. Environmental and occupational health unit
6. Oral health unit
7. Control and Surveillance of diseases unit
8. Drug affairs unit
9. Nutrition unit
10. Mental Health unit
11. Statistics and information technology unit